Wish You Were Here.

I’ve not even left yet and I’m wishing you were here.  Actually the Wish You Were Here I’m referring to is Pink Floyd’s 1975 masterpiece. Just the right album to mellow out to before getting a good night sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day.

I’ve gone through the paranoid packing and unpacking routine. I must stop before I unpack, and then pack once more leaving something vital out. Just relax and get ready to go. I hate the lull before the storm. The waiting. I just need to go.

The extra day I have due to rescheduling my flight will be a godsend. An extra day to do some sightseeing, get the gear in order and relax. I probably should have factored it in beforehand but sometimes one doesn’t think.

Taking a step back, reviewing the situation and just slowing things down can be more productive that hitting things full-throttle. The most important thing I’ve learnt over the years when going on a shoot is to go refreshed, never shoot on an empty stomach and be relaxed. The final result is always better.

So, when I hit Toronto, I’ll just go for an idle wander, head off away from the tourist areas and see where my curiosity takes me. Grab a cuppa and watch the locals go by. Step back and see what makes this place tick. When heading to a new city I’d always advise one to take a copy of Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’. Find a cafĂ©, read a couple of chapters. Reflect on the city and it’s inhabitants, which you are, although only briefly, now a part of.

I’ll send you all a post card, ‘Wish you were here’.

Shine on you crazy diamond.


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