Packing heat.

I suppose I should start to get organised. In my spare room I have an ever-growing pile. It’s a pile I need to organise, pack, and above all else, remember to take with me.

Plane tickets, train tickets, hotel reservation, maps, schedule, list of contacts, passport, more hotel reservations, battery chargers, power adaptors, business cards, memory cards, net book, power converters, hard drives, cables, card reader, lens cleaners, cameras, spare batteries and lenses.

A separate pile includes, a toothbrush, book and t-shirt. I clearly need to do some more work here.

I still have a list of to do’s. And with one weekend left before I depart it’s my last opportunity. The last two things on my shopping list are another memory card and a notebook. The first for recording files to send out to the press, the second for contact details, captions and interviews. Just to make me look as though I know what I’m doing.

I think this is all the equipment I need. Like the A Team trapped in shed with nothing but four tons of mild steel sheeting, an oxy-acetylene, piping, tubing, grinders, a rotivator, nitrous-oxide, sulphuric acid, nitro-glycerine and sawdust. I wont have the opportunity to go out and pick up supplies.

In desperation, due to a catastrophic equipment failure I have a back-up plan, but for day-to-day running, that’s it.  But like the A Team I can fashion my meagre supplies in to something greater. A bit of creativity can go a long way.

In the words of Hannibal Smith, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Now, I’m pretty sure I wont need an oxy-acetylene but should I take one just in case? After all, they are fun to play with.


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