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20/20 - Nothing to see here

Humberstruck, 2019. It was good to catch up with old friends and shoot some new teams.
Winter, the depth of doom and gloom. Global warming means a drab, wet, grey, non-descript season. At least with a bit of snow one can imagine the frost fayres, the communal spirit, skating on the Thames, bygone times when winter seemed like winter.
I planned to take more of a back-seat with Roller Derby last year, extricate myself from some of the politics, some of the views and attitudes I don’t agree with, views usually only expressed on social media, another medium I have been moving away from. Along with the on-going restructure at work, which may finally be nearing its end, there has been a lot going on and it’s been difficult to strike the right balance and find an acceptable level of stress to work with. It’s one reason I’ve been ignoring this blog, I have less to write about as I’m not getting sucked into issues which really don’t matter but rile you up and I've been too stressed to writ…

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