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I would walk 500 miles…

Weighing the camera gear. It was heavier than I thought. It wasn't this camera.
I’ve not been contributing to this blog that much this year. Writing has taken a back seat, replaced by reading. I don’t know why I’ve been ploughing thorough books this year. It certainly wasn’t a New Year’s resolution to be more cultured. Cultured as in going to art galleries, not an increase in bacteria due to slap-dash hygiene. I will admit, I can be sloppy, and when the spiders have turned the living room in to the opening scene from Raider’s of the Lost Ark, I know it’s time to clean. Well, think about it anyway.
I’ll never join a Gym, it’s never been on my New Year’s list, far from it. I keep fit through Roller Derby. Not playing, that’s far too scary, but by lugging my camera gear from one end of the country to the other. Recently I have had to buy some luggage scales so I thought it time to find out how much I am carrying and with the handy pedometer app on my phone, how far.
However, diet do…

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