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This is currently illegal.

  That's not social distancing. It’s cold outside. I seem to remember three years ago it was also cold. But three years ago I wasn’t at home, I’d made the short trip across the Pennines to Manchester for the third Roller Derby World Cup. It was, I feel, only the second coldest World Cup. Toronto, I seem to remember was the coldest, Manchester a close second, and Dallas, was well, balmy. However, it may have been the wettest. Fast-forward three years and we’re in the grip of a pandemic. Life as we know it has stopped but it’s still cold outside and it occasionally rains. I stopped posting on may page, writing any blog posts and to be honest, apart from taking pictures of frozen plants, and less frozen plants, photography has stopped as well. Conversations, stifled, by not having much to say. Monotony. But I’m sure the good times will return. Looking through the images from the World Cup, thousands, packed into Event City, I see that we were all criminals in the making, or we w

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