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Where does all this dust come from?

  We're going in the right direction. Where does all this dust come from? I’ve unpacked the bags and broken out the cameras for the first time in god know how long. It’s time they got used, having sat unloved for over a year. They are covered in dust. I don’t know how, but it seems to get everywhere. Then again, not going out much, my hygiene standards have dropped to what even I would consider to be an unacceptable level. As the country opens up, I’m hoping to get out of the house more. This will mean doing some cleaning, which I’m not happy about. After a year working from home, the view from my window has grown boring. The spare room/office carpet has become threadbare from pacing between meetings as I desperately tried to maintain some level of fitness. Every day the same. Sat on my arse, looking at Zoom. And more Zoom. And a bit more. My work life blurring with personal, as there is no separation. Sure, I have been out taking photos, but they have been rather boring, partl

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