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Another cuppa

A fine cuppa
I’m always trying to expand my photographic skill set. I have come to the conclusion that god, gods, or whatever deity or mischief maker controls our fate, does not want me to be a landscape photographer. I plan trips, check the times of sunset and sunrise only to be presented with clouds, gloom, rain, murky days that could adorn a Black Sabbath album cover but not the hyper-real, wow, it’s good to be alive inspirational type image I plan. Then again, the gloom fits my demeanor. My soul is black, what’s left of it, and judging by the books I read, the music I listen to, and the occasional television programme I may consume, I’m pretty much not Baby Shark. Unless of course Baby Shark grows up and slices Quint in two.

Hut, just before I got soaked. The door was locked so I couldn't take refuge
I’ve been dabbling with other image making endeavors. I never considered food photography until quite recently and while I haven’t managed to pull my finder out and take a well-comp…

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