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Where’s the ball?

'Where's the ball?'
Often cited in Roller Derby, ‘where’s the ball’, is equally important when shooting football.
I was excited about shooting something different, something outside, something with plenty of light. It should have been easy but by the end of the day I was longing for the conformity of a Roller Derby venue.
I was asked to cover a charity five-a-side football competition in support of the Rainbow Laces campaign and thinking I could apply my prior knowledge, coupled with good light, would make this assignment easy. It became apparent that the ball was a vital aspect of any image, the focal point telling the audience that this was a football match, as images not containing any other paraphernalia, goal post etc… just showed people running around a field.
Jammers get the glory, the focal point for images. However, like football the focal point isn’t the player or skater, the focal point is the star or ball. The indicator, telling the audience what sport is depict…

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