Maths homework

Preparation is the most important aspect in undertaking any task. I learnt that at the place I went to after art college. I would call it university, but for an art student to claim they went a seat of higher learning seems a disservice to proper students. Those that lay in bed until lunchtime, unlike those up at the crack of dawn, eager to get out and to set fire to things.

During the last World Cup I split my time between shooting track side, sleeping and staring at some bad wallpaper while I backed everything  up at the end of the day. Backing up was a tedious task. 4-5 hours to save all the files on to the netbook, then backed up on an external hard-drive.

My view of Toronto. I hope to see more of Dallas this time.

It was 2011 and the USB 3 interface wasn’t widely available. My setup worked fine but the data transfer rate wasn’t what one would call fast. This resulted in very little sleep and total burn out after four days. This is one of  my most enduring memories of the event. To alleviate this issue this time I decided to make the jump to USB 3. Why didn’t I do it earlier?  Working out the maths it just made sense. Less time staring at wallpaper, more time in the pub. It’s a no-brainer. Why sit in a hotel room backing files up when I could spend it in a bar destroying brain cells!

Maths homework.

That’s the first thing sorted. On to the next. I really should find out where I’ve put my camera.


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