Knit me some camera gear

Every now and again a vital piece of equipment fails. It may not be the most technical item, but vital nonetheless. The latest failure has been the zip on my CF/SD pouch.

It’s not a major thing, but without it working I’m liable to tip my CF cards everywhere and loose them. It was not an item I planned to use, but it came with my camera bag and I’ve since found it invaluable. It allows me to clip (via Velcro) all my storage securely to my belt so that I can quickly change cards during a bout, but also know they are safe.

Trying to replace this item has been unexpectedly difficult (If any one knows of where I can get something similar please let me know). As far as I’m aware I cannot buy it as a separate item and the manufacturers alternative doesn’t store enough cards. Other alternatives are either too small, or far too expensive (£70!!!!!!! I nearly fell off my chair!).

So, I’m looking for someone who can do wonders with zips, fix or replace. Although replacing looks tough as it’s sown in as an integral piece of the pouch. Or knit (or make) me an alternative. Preferably as stupid looking as possible. After all, I am a professional and I want to look my best at the World Cup.


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