Leeds Roller Dolls - A big thank you

It was a fine summer’s day in August 2009. The 22nd to be precise. I journeyed up to Leeds with the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls to cover my first ever bout. Sheffield were taking on the mighty Leeds Roller Dolls. The location, I think has changed it’s name, due to operation Yew Tree, but the venue on that day was packed.

I had been to a few of Sheffield’s training sessions but this was my first bout, and the results show it. To be honest I can’t remember much of the bout but I do remember the after party. Ever since then I have been covering bouts for Leeds Roller Dolls. I have met many great people and made many great friends.

So this is a big thank you to everyone at Leeds Roller Dolls who has supported me, not only the skaters but the NSOs, refs and helpers that make everything possible for organising a whip round and presenting me with a big fat cheque to help me on my way to Dallas. I’ll make sure it’s well spent.



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