Beggarthon 2 - Go on, go on, go on, go on…

So, I’m still on this beggarthon to help me get to/ease the pain of the expense of the World Cup.

Many people may quite rightly ask, why should I send this person cash to go on holiday? And to be honest it’s a reasonable thing to ask.

Well, firstly, I’m such a great person, why shouldn’t people want to pay me to go on holiday? Okay, I’ll put the self-deluded egotistical monster back in the box.

Did I say holiday? Long days shooting Derby followed by long nights backing things up isn’t really relaxing, although I do love the adrenalin buzz and the reason why I do it.

The real reason is that I’m finding covering and supporting teams becoming an increasing financial burden, which at the current rate, unless my circumstances radically change, is unsustainable.

Adding up the cost of equipment (I‘m not a professional photographer), travel, accommodation for when I need to stay over, image storage and supply of discs (plus postage) to teams is becoming increasingly expensive. Not to mention my time sitting at the computer, drinking lots of coffee and processing photographs. None of which I have charged for in the past. Nor do I want to have to start charging for. However, yes there is always an however, covering larger events to try and push the reach of Derby to a wider audience stretches my wallet and my bank manager’s patience to the limit.

This is why I set up the Go Fund Me, Help me and the team get to Dallas fund.  My attempt to reach out to the Derby community to get support to help me and the Team compete at the highest level. Support for all the support I have given in the past. I hope it has been appreciated. Click here to see what I have covered in the past.

Of course it’s partly a holiday, hence why I’m not looking funding for all of it, just support to ease the pain.

I know of teams who are donating (you know who you are) and a special post will be going out to you once I’ve caught up with them, and I wish to thank everyone else who has supported me so far. But if I can reach my target not only will it make my life easier it’ll also help England Roller Derby get to Dallas.

I’m now going to do my best Mrs Doyle impression, ‘go on, go on, go on go on…..’

If you’d like to donate you can here. 


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