Travel adapter not required.

I have always said that when my back goes, that’s it for sports photography. Carrying around a couple of cameras, lenses and associated gear all day requires a certain level of fitness. Fitness I may no longer have.

The beauty of shooting an event overseas is that you are constrained by what you can carry. Airlines carry-on weight and sizes forces one to make decisions. Expensive gear isn’t going in the hold and so it’s best to be on the conservative side when packing. I’ll take that lens, and that, but you, well, you will have to stay at home. I don’t know why I really go through it all. 95% of all shots will be taken on the 135, so why fret. I don’t know why I talk to my lenses either, they just look sad when they are left out of the fun.

With the World Cup being just the other side of the Pennines those carry on constraints are no longer an issue. However one’s back is the deciding factor.

This week I’ve been hobbling around with muscle damage, I assume, with pain in my shoulder, neck and chest rather than the back. I have no idea of when or how I have done it. Describing the symptoms to friends and work colleagues has solicited a wide range of responses from heart attack, pleurisy to hypochondria and can I have your stereo? Googling the symptoms have thrown up more exotic and life-threatening diseases than I care to think about. But I’m pretty sure the camera bag has done it. Not in a malicious, Agatha Christie type of way, just on-going wear and tear. Although where that candlestick came from is anyone’s guess.

I am a man who sticks to my word, and ‘back’ was it, so although the rest of my body aches until the back goes I’m committed.  I really should have put a caveat in my statement, who knows when ¾ of your body may go missing in a freak boating accident.

So with that in mind I have decided that I’ll be flying to Manchester. It may be more hassle than getting the train but at least I’ll have a good excuse on what I can take.

Ahh, 85mm don’t look sad. I’ll be home soon. (I've done some updates as well. About bloody time!)


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