It’s the final countdown.

Excuse me while I go all Europe on you. Work’s finished, batteries charged, bags packed, ready to go. Just need to get up tomorrow, clean the toilet then I’m off. The monitors have been calibrated, software updated and editing music selected. To be honest I’ll probably be so engrossed when I get back that the CD in the machine will be replayed endlessly as I wont be bothered to change it. So Ozzy it will be for the next few weeks.

I think I’ve prepared everything, even remembered to get some decent beers in for my return. A celebratory, relaxing beer for completing a successful shoot.  

To be honest things feel a bit surreal at present. This morning I was at work trying to avoid as much work as possible. Not that I’m a shirker, just that knowing I was finishing at lunch meant that taking any new work on was pointless. Tomorrow I’ll be heading to the World Cup. When I first started shooting Derby I had no idea that there would be a World Cup, let alone that one day it would be hosted relatively local.

So here it is. The time has come. Stop wittering and shoot.

I’ll see everyone there. 


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