Some random shot

Being critical about what you do is important if you want to move on and develop. Sitting trackside one shoots many, many, fucking thousands of images. Most are dire, blurry, poor composition, just plain bad, like the image above.

It doesn’t really say a lot, the focus is out, and, well, why the hell did I post it? To be honest I’m quite embarrassed, but unlike most sports photography where only the best images are shown, to be more inclusive albums are crafted to try and encompass everyone. This shot shouldn’t have made the cut.


I lie. I lie a lot. In fact I’m pretty untrustworthy. Facebook keeps sending me advertisements for Saga, Stannah Stair Lifts and incontinence pants. Then again, they do think I’m knocking on 80. Call me the Silver Surfer or coffin dodger. I also try and like a lot of things I dislike and dislike a lot of things I like. Buying a range of products online that by themselves may look innocent, rubber gloves, 8 litres of olive oil, wet suit repair kit etc…  always making sure they are paid for on credit card, any method that can be traced, buying the run of the mill, day-to-day items, with cash, anyone spying on me will soon get the wrong impression.

With social media in the spot-light regarding data sharing I’m glad I’ve crafted my online identity to be as bad or at least as odd as possible. So when liking images on social media, you may want to think about disliking them as well, as the image above illustrates, it’s not really worth liking, blurry and uninteresting as it is. I could do better, but I can’t be bothered. After all, being in my 80’s, you’re unlikely to teach a dog new tricks. I do love a good cliché.

So bring on EuroClash. I can’t wait to visit Gloucester once more.


For anyone currently dealing with GDPR, you have my condolences. It’s doing my nut in as well.



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