Help me get to Manchester.

In 2014 I ran a GoFundMe campaign to help me get to Dallas to cover the second World Cup. Without the generosity of those who donated it’d have been difficult for me to have made the trip. To be honest, this time I know how to get to Manchester and although it’s a trip across the Pennines and I’m loathed to leave Yorkshire, we all have sacrifices to bear, I think I can get there without the need of a fundraiser. It’s walkable if I set out a couple of days in advance. But for many teams it is huge expense.

11 new teams join the ranks of those who participated in 2014. Austria, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Iceland, Indigenous, IRN (representing Iran), Korea, Philippines, Poland, Romania and Russia.

A new experience, allowing those teams to develop their skills and to take their experience and knowledge back to their respective countries to help the sport develop.

I don’t know how many teams have fundraisers going, I’m guessing most, so why not pick a team or teams, support them with a few pounds if you can. It’ll give you another team to get behind along with your home nation, to cheer on.


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