A Tale of two Cities.

A Tale of two Cities. Not the Dickens classic. Paris or London but two Northern cities, Sheffield and Leeds.

Sheffield Steel Rollergirls versus Leeds Roller Dolls was my very first bout. And for many of the skaters theirs too. A Canon 5D with a 70-200mm lens, just didn’t cut it, a blurry mush but I felt it was good at the time.

This weekend I will revisit both teams on their home turf, Leeds Roller Derby, an amalgamation of Leeds Roller Dolls and Hot Wheel Roller Derby, celebrating 10 years of Roller Derby in Leeds and Sheffield Steel Rollergirls Halloween bout, apt as the first bout they played was Summer Horror Day against Leeds.

Much has changed, many of the old faces gone from the line ups, although I am hoping to see some of them this weekend, gameplay vastly different, as demonstrated by London Rockin’ Rollers old school bout last weekend and the nature and structure of the sport changed.

10 years… where did the time go?


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