So long…

I’m not proud of what I did, but it had to be done.

Inanimate objects feel no pain but I feel guilty. After providing sterling service over the past six years it was time to retire the trusty 1d mkiv. It accompanied me to three World Cups, been lugged all around the country and in all that time it never let me down.  Trading it in was hard, partly for sentimental reasons, partly because the camera shop had given me a ball-park figure for a ‘mint’ copy and when I pulled it out the bag I knew it didn’t merit that moniker.  You could see me wince as they checked the shutter count.

However I hope it goes to a good home and someone can make use of its capabilities. It may be getting old and the technology several generations behind the current crop of cameras but it is still capable of stunning images. Maybe it’ll be bought by an aspiring Derby photographer. Who knows.


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