Roller Derby vs London Fashion Weekend

It’s been a long month. Three weeks of travel to cover 7 bouts in Nottingham, Leeds and London. I had planned to cap it off with the Great Yorkshire Showdown in Leeds, but a chance to shoot a couple of Shows at London Fashion Weekend meant a rearrangement of plans as it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. But was it worth it?

So what are the pros and cons of each of each discipline?


London Fashion Weekend – Is held in very luxurious surroundings, the Saatchi Gallery just off Sloane Square.

Roller Derby – Usually held in some god-forsaken leisure centre located in a less than salubrious part of town or on an industrial estate.

LFW – Winner.

Access to coffee

London Fashion Weekend – None apparently available on site. Local caf├ęs would probably charge £20 a cup.

Roller Derby – Coffee is usually available on site, although the term coffee is used in its loosest possible sense.



London Fashion Weekend – Well-lit shows.

Roller Derby – I think someone has thought about installing a light bulb at some point.

LFW - Winner

Access for photographers

London Fashion Weekend – One is hemmed in tightly in one place under hot lights without any opportunity of moving.

Roller Derby – There is plenty of freedom to move in either a very hot or very cold venue. Heatstroke or hyperthermia are always optional extras.


Subject matter

London Fashion Weekend – Models follow a predicable route, lack of emotion.

Roller Derby – Skaters erratically weave their way around track, plenty of emotion.

Roller Derby – Winner.

Chance of making money from photographs

London Fashion Weekend – Medium to good, with the right contacts.

Roller Derby – None whatsoever.

LFW – Winner

So on just those criteria which would I prefer to shoot? Well, London Fashion Weekend comes out on top with those criteria, but for the fun, the people, emotion and laughs, I think I’ll stick to Derby.

Please note: This post does not contain any photos from LFW as I’m restricted in what I can do with them so if you want a look you’ll just have to pop round for a cuppa.


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