It’s been Emotional

Roller Derby takes its toll. Some join, and after a few sessions decide it’s not for them, others join and are in it for the long hall, competing until real life or injury catches up with them. For those that decide to step out of the limelight it has to be a hard decision, stepping away from not only a sport they love but also away from a much greater family. Not that those relationships have to falter, but time and distance will take its toll.

Some people I see around the track I know better than others, some teams I’ve shot more than others, some become friends, others acquaintances. When I know people who have been regular fixtures on the scene are stepping back, it’s always with a tinge of sadness that they have decided to call it a day.

When I get to a bout and find out it is someone’s last bout I always feel privileged to be able to capture their last game, adding the last pictures to their final chapter on their journey.

In the words of Vinne Jones, it’s been emotional. And for me, it’s been a privilege.


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