Roller Derby, After-parties and Junk (food)

Many skaters who have since retired from Derby have channelled their energy in to creative and socially responsible activities, a continuation of the ethics that brought them to Derby in the first place. My friend Jo, who skated with Sheffield Steel Rollergirls, this year, has launched the Sheffield branch of The Real Junk Food Project, turning surplus food in to tasty nutritious meals, available to anyone.

The third Real Junk Food Project 'pop up' in Sheffield at the Burton Street Foundation

I’m not a bad cook, but I’m better off supporting causes such as the Real Junk Food Project with my photographic and marketing knowledge. And currently this has been quite successful, getting much coverage in the local press.

This weekend I popped up to Leeds to cover Hot Wheel Roller Derby play Middlesbrough Milk Rollers, a good excuse to catch up with people I’ve not seen for ages. Due to Leeds United playing at home I decided to stay out later to avoid the crowds and pop along to the after-party for a cheeky pint.

Hot Wheel Roller Derby versus Middlesbrough Milk Rollers

To my surprise, food was laid on by the Leeds branch of the Real Junk Food Project. Which got me thinking.

If you’re hosting an after-party, why not recruit your local branch of the Real Junk Food Project to provide the catering? Surplus food waste, windfalls and gluts of seasonal crop means there’s always plenty of food, and the projects chefs seem to specialise in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, harmonising with many skater’s choice of diet. Plus the projects aims fit in with the ethos of Derby.

So after a hard day bouting, why not tuck in to a nutritious healthy meal before the bizarre party games start.

More information about the Real Junk Food Project can be found here:

And if you’re in Sheffield:


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