Control Freak

Pretty boring. Can you tell which Derby venue this is?

Having full editorial control is nice. It’s the difference between art and design. The latter, a client, remit, objective, there’s always something tugging at the vision. Sometimes the vision and the brief follow the same trajectory, the confining factors help shape the final product and all the parties are happy and fulfilled. More often the competing factors dilute the vision, compromises, the vision diverges and becomes blurry, out of focus. The result, compromises.

The former however is a vision, an idea, a process, which is pure, and the world can hang if it’s wrong. Egotistical, if we are honest.

Photographing Boring Places, an idea that took hold last summer, allows me to be a control freak. The rights and wrongs are all in my grubby little hands. Typos, mis-aligned images, nonsensical text, all mine.

I often have my best ideas (all things are relative, they may be pretty crappy) whilst asleep, out walking or cooking. I had already decided on a running order for the next few editions, but why not do one on Roller Derby? I end up in some pretty boring places. Swindon for example. And even if the location isn’t boring, I often accidentally take pictures of the floor or ceiling, often out of focus for good measure.

So why not combine the two. My love of boring places with going to boring places to shoot Derby.
Wow! Another excellent idea. I can stop using my brain for the evening. So, it may well be a while away, as I have already planned the next few editions, but there will be one on Derby (Roller Derby, not the place) coming at some point.

 Nothing happening here.

Next edition of Photographing Boring Places due out around Easter: Doors and Surveillance.

I think it’ll be, Holidays (this edition is looking particularly bleak), The Supernatural (for Halloween), then Roller Derby (out around Christmas 2020).

Watch out for it. It will be boring.


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