If you can’t go big, go small.

Dice - Rinion's Horseshoe Club

I’ve not been posting much, to be honest there’s little to write about. No Derby for me this year. Like everyone else, life has changed radically, plans have been forced to change and my calendar unhelpfully reminds me of events I was going to attend.

I am lucky, I can work from home and while my freelance work has dried up, photography being a side-line, it has meant I’ve not been adversely affected. Life has changed, my daily commute to the spare room is dreary and tasks are taking far longer to complete.

The shift in the day however has allowed me to do more cooking, bake bread, possibly eat far more healthily than I had been and also given me the opportunity to catch up on podcasts between meetings.

The one bonus of lockdown is being able to explore new places close to home on one’s daily exercise. With less people around, hoping over a wall, a sneaky peak round a gate is far easier without being shouted at, and while no substitute for being able to travel, does allow you to see your local environment from a new perspective.

Close-up of a Sage leaf

Being creative has been difficult, life drawing has been cancelled and obtaining supplies for other projects has proved challenging. However, on the first week of lock-down I panic bought a macro lens. If I can’t get out, then go small, make these four walls massive. I’m glad I did, macro lenses and accessories, both on the second-hand market and new are becoming scarce as photographers, like everyone’s, world has shrunk.

I used to complain about spending my weekends in a tired sports hall, inadequate food and bad coffee, but now I miss it. While macro photography is interesting, and I’ve learnt a new skill (with still lots to learn), it hardly raises one’s adrenalin. There is no buzz and excitement of capturing a great image, just a methodical process, a challenge to overcome. 

Coffee beans, now consumed

But going small is better than nothing, however I can’t wait to get track-side once more… and I promise I’ll never to complain about the coffee again.


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