The Missing Years

The missing years

Backing up files is important. A hard drive failure can be catastrophic, well, if you liked the files, you had archived off. If you didn’t care for them, well, it’s less problematic. My personal paranoia means everything is backed up twice, just in case.

On both hard drives there is an empty folder, bouts 2020. I didn’t bother creating one for 2021, I saw no reason to. There is however, a new one, Bouts 2022. Maybe I am pre-empting things. Jinxing this year as well. Jinxing myself. I’ve not shot any Derby for over two years. I’ve not shot anything with much happening in the frame for a similar amount of time. Most photos have been of static objects. Ones that don’t have the habit of randomly moving, randomly moving in a dimly lit sports hall. Most photos this year, have been shot underground in the pitch black, so any form of movement is problematic, so while I worry that things may not come back to me… arguably, things over the past two years have been more challenging. Not just photographically.

Underground, it's dark down there

So, it’s back to the Ponds Forge, back to where it nearly all began, a new beginning, first bout in over two years, shooting the local team, Sheffield Steel Roller Derby. I hope I remember how to load film.


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