There's more to Roller Derby than just skating

The Roller Derby World Cup Referee and NSO crew

Well, the World Cup is over, there are hundreds, thousands, of photos from the event floating around. The skaters are featured in most, and as the sport is the focus, it makes sense. However it takes more than just the skaters to put on an event. The mantra, ‘By the skaters, for the skaters’ seems a little out of date. Easy to roll off the tongue but not a true reflection. ‘By the organisers, referees, NSOs, marketers, designers, photographers, medics etc, for the skaters’ seems more apt. But it just doesn’t work as a tag line.

So although not everyone can photographed at an event at least all/most of the referees and NSOs could be gathered together for a group shot.

It’s not perfect, it could have been more centralised, but asking everyone to shuffle 6ft to my left just wasn’t going to happen.

So instead of just posting it on my Facebook page and leaving the hi-res copy on my hard-drive collecting metaphoric dust, below is a link if anyone wants to download it, print it out, stick it on their wall or fridge, as a reminder of those four cold days in Manchester.

I'll try and get the volunteer one sorted out in the near future.

You can download an A3 print file here:


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