Game on

So it’s been decided, the final team to take on the best teams in the world at the world cup. Not everyone could make the final squad, but for those that didn’t make it, I hope their time and commitment to the team has been worthwhile. Their experience undoubtedly has helped develop the final squad in to an immovable force that can challenge the best. Those with still a job to do, gained from their experience.

England Roller Derby before taking on France, but first, The Spice Girls.

As for myself, I prefer to lurk in the background, but it will be a privilege to shoot for England Roller Derby again and see them challenge the best in the world once more.

Bring on February.

England Roller Derby vs the USA

England Roller Derby vs the USA

Before the France game

Northern Hemisphere

Practice session

Northern Hemisphere

Red vs White

After the final in 2014


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