The greatest game in the world

As I pack my bags, charge the batteries, and get the gear ready for another weekend of Derby I feel I need to confess.

I know for many that get involved in Derby, the sport can border on an obsession, but for me it’s not the greatest game in the world.  I can hear the screams of heretic as I write and the frantic clicks as people dislike my Facebook page. No matter, I needed to get it off my chest. I need to confess.

The greatest game in the world is test match Cricket.

Five days of nothing happening, punctuated by breaks for lunch and tea. A sport where the commentators are known to take a nap and the banter revolves around the latest cake to be brought in to the commentary booth.

I know Derby has cake, but when does one have time to eat it? Cricket affords many hours of inactivity to consume such tasty treats.

Five days when one can truly relax knowing that if anything does happen one will probably be engaged on the loo or making a cuppa.

It has been cathartic, a dark secret exposed. I no longer need to fear entering a sports hall feeling a complete fraud. Cricket is the greatest game in the world, and Derby, well, I’d say a close second.  


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