Putting the fun back in to Roller Derby (photography)

I’m a total fraud. I just lay on the floor and press a button. Anyone with a modicum of motor skills could do what I do. Even a trained chimp. And to be honest, there are things far lower down the food chain that would be just as good.

So to up my skill set I’ve agreed to help a mate that’s taken up Collodion wet plate photography (just because I get to sniff chemicals). We (he is) are able to bring you the latest in mid 19th century technology to capture skaters in all their glory. When I mean glory, I mean standing still for 8 to 20 seconds trying not to laugh. I seem to remember someone mentioning such a thing a while ago on some Facebook post. As I’m hiding out on Facebook I cannot look up whom and can’t remember who, possibly due to sniffing too many chemicals. Also, when I mean we, I really mean him, as I’ll just loiter in the background being annoying, drinking coffee and take half the credit like a good agent should, well, 90% of the credit.

So if any skaters want an excuse to dress up in homage to the wet plate technique or dress up however they wish, stand gripped with terror while your image is captured for posterity just drop me an email (contact@roller-derby-on-film.co.uk) or send me a message on the Roller Derby on Film Facebook page and I’ll try and work out a schedule. Sorry I can’t guarantee we can get round to everyone, assuming there is a demand, I’ll err on optimistic.

For those that are camera shy, I believe he also has a WWII RAF reconnaissance lens which would allow him to take your likeness from 35,000 feet away. You’ll never know!

He’s based in the UK, Manchester way I believe, with a studio near by, so only UK based teams/skaters, unless of course you’re willing to pay for flights, accommodation etc… and I get first dibs on any holidays, err… recce, just to make sure things run smoothly.

So enough of this silliness, or possibly much more…. This is what happened to me!


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