Options can be good. But they can also be bad. Forcing one to weigh up the pros and cons. If  you are forced to tackle a subject head on with only one option you resign yourself to dealing with it the best you can. With options you have a choice. Play safe. Use the gear you know that will offer you the most flexibility, that will get you the shot and possibly more. Or risk it. Have an idea in mind and go for it knowing full well that if it doesn’t come off there’s little or no full-back.

It’s a difficult choice. Which way to go? I packed the bag. Play it safe. It’s the sensible option. But it wont get me the shot I’m after. I re-packed the bag. Why play it safe. I wont be happy knowing I could have done better. I’ll take the gambler any day. It may take a bit of convincing but I know I’m right. I hate options. They always give me sleepless nights.


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