Off with his head!

Chopping someone’s head off is wrong, well that’s what I’ve been told, but sometimes chopping stuff off is for the better.

I have measured my legs and they are roughly the same length. Why I cannot take a straight photo is anyone’s guess. If one leg was longer than the other I could understand, perhaps I’m perpetually drunk. This means that the majority of the photographs I take are wonky and need some rotating and cropping to get the best of them.

Here’s my starting image. It’s on a slight angle. A more severe angle would have been a stylistic choice, this is due to me being unable to hold a camera properly.

A bit of straightening helps, using the edge of the track as the horizon for the eye to focus on.

This then necessitates a bit more cropping, and cropping tighter than needs be allows me to cut some rubbish out at the edges and reduce the background . This in turn focus the eye on the skaters. A few simple quick steps makes for a more focussed image.

And this is the final result.

Chopping stuff off really does help sometimes.


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