Nothing to see here.

Nothing to see here; except sea, sky and concrete.

I’m thinking of shutting down the ‘Roller Derby on Film*’ Facebook page. There’s a host of reasons. My engagement with Facebook is in decline. It’s useful in some ways but much is drivel. I have no interest in posting on my own profile. If I’m out enjoying myself the last thing I’m thinking about is letting everyone who isn’t with me know about it, and when I’m doing bugger all, it’s not interesting, even I get bored of myself.

My involvement with Roller Derby is also in decline, 7 events this year down from 15 last and 22 the year before.

However the main reason is the constant stream of emails from Facebook telling me that I’m not engaging with my audience. You haven’t posted in a while; let your audience know what you are up to. Perhaps Facebook, if you get your algorithm sorted out, you may realise that I’m not posting because I’m not doing anything worthy to post. Sometimes saying nothing has more value than spouting crap.

When I was younger I was thinking about going in to the advertising/marketing industry. It seemed exciting, creative, fun. As I age the cynic in me is becoming a monster I cannot control. Like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, one moment, mild mannered, the next a raging torrent of cynicism. Mmmmm a deodorant that keeps you fresh for up to 3 days pitched at festival goers. How does that work when you get hit with a bottle of piss? Or perhaps people no longer do that. Do I really want to go to a festival that’s so sanitised?

I can feel the blood pulse through my body as I think about the advert. My veins start to bulge, my head throbs and I feel as though I am going to pass out. At least unconscious I may escape reality for a few brief hours.

I ‘suppose I could create a ‘spam’ folder and put a filter on my emails so all Facebook crap is directed away from my gaze. It’s a solution, but then I’d have nothing to post. After all, I’ve not posted in a while and I need to let my audience know what I’m up to.

PS. I’m planning to vacuum the house as it’s a shit tip. If anyone finds that remotely interesting feel free to visit and help out.

*Probably not, but it was a hook to start of this post.


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