Lot 12. Untitled. A1 155gsm cartridge with 4cm B&Q masking tape on top edge.

I take photos. I also do a lot more. Just to try and keep the creative juices flowing. I do however lapse. I have a sheet of A1 cartridge paper taped to the wall just waiting for me to work on it. It’s been there since December. It’s a reminder that I’ve been lazy. Not one mark on it.

Like a Robert Ryman painting, but worth a lot less.

After the World Cup in 2014 I decided to put together a book of my favourite images from the competition and the proceeding few years. Prior to that, after being enforced to stay at home due to severe weather I had the time to complete another.

Shift Happens

Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm
140 Pages
Publish Date Oct 31, 2015
Language English

They are not a money making exercise, print on demand is expensive enough and to set up the VAT on a product is time consuming and for the little I’d make, not worth the effort. I primarily do them for myself, to keep my design skills current and for me to curate the images in to some form of shape that makes sense to me and allowing me to showcase those I feel are good, but do not always make much impact in the digital realm.

Roller Derby on Film

Size Standard Portrait, 7.75×9.75 in, 20×25 cm
128 Pages
Publish Date Sep 24, 2013
Language English

I’m also a print junkie. I like the look, feel and smell of books. The physical nature of a print. It’s permanence that just doesn’t exist in the digital realm.

So watch this space, I will pull my finger out and do another one. I’ve told everyone, so I’ve got to.



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