Moving on

I’ve deleted my Facebook account. Well, the primary one anyway. I’m currently hiding out on a profile with no friends, no interests, just to run the Roller Derby on Film page. And, to be honest it feels good. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Eventually I plan to close down the page as well and move to another platform when I find one that satisfies my needs.

There are two main reasons for the move. Firstly the technical. Facebook pretty much mashes photos. I’m really not happy with the quality. I shoot for print, A4 portrait or double page spread is my minimum requirement on quality, reproducible larger, even better.

The second, it pretty much mashes people as well. While it’s been useful for groups to communicate ideas, disseminate knowledge it also has a much darker side. An imperceptible undercurrent that erodes ones soul and makes one feel ill of humanity. Snippets of personalities, intertwined, melded, to form a monstrous whole. A single personality to despise. Okay, it may just be me being a miserable git, and the less I know the happier I will be but studies indicate that social media isn’t that great for your mental health, being antisocial may actually help you live longer.

Of course deleting my account has had some downsides. I have no idea what I going on any longer, I really should have taken note before pressing delete, but hopefully chance encounters will help fill in the gaps. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out as most Derby information is conveyed through this demonic medium, Dante’s 8th circle of hell. I didn’t mean for this to get so dark, I just got carried away.

So for those who used to message me about bouts etc… the best place to get me is via the Roller Derby on Film Page, my website, or my email address if you have it. Telegrams, Morse code or carrier pigeons are good as well.

Hopefully one day I can downsize to a hovel, away from prying eyes. I always thought that monks hiding out in the monasteries had a harsh life, but now I can see the appeal. I wonder if they still need a resident for St Kilda?


  1. This post is great, I love your way with words. Deleting Facebook is something I've been debating on doing for a long time now. However, the lack of event knowledge and communication with a couple of people holds me back...

    It has and always will be a pleasure to speak to you and as I am no longer stuck in the world of Derby I hope I bump into you again sometime. Until then, stay well and I hope the lack of Facebook is a positive leap!

    1. Thanks. I'm sure I'll see you about. The lack of communication is a risk, but I thought one worth taking. I'm sure I'll be able to keep in touch with those who are worth it.


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