EuroClash... Buckaroo

Empty bags waiting to be packed, emptied, re-packed, emptied, again and again over the next few days.

It’s always tempting to go for that one last item. You’ve added the crate, bucket, rope, lantern and shovel, perhaps, one more, maybe the banjo? Only to find the ass has had enough, and Buckaroo.

Packing for a domestic tournament should be easy but in fact it’s much harder than for an international competition.  Airline regulations and weight means that whatever you want to take has to go in the bag and come in under weight. No ifs, or buts; but it does mean that the bag is at least manageable.  Ones back isn’t going to give out halfway across the terminal. No weight restrictions mean that everything can go in the bag, just in case. You never know when a shot may arise that requires that specific lens.  The one that has sat in the cupboard gathering dust for the past two years, that ‘will’ come in handy one day. It’s tempting to chuck everything in, including the banjo.

Luckily for me I parted ways with the banjo a while ago. Others could make better use of it. If you were unlucky enough to ever experience my short lived musical career, you’d know why.  It has gone to a better home, Doug (The Enforcer) who quit refereeing Roller Derby to concentrate on music.  Go check out his latest band, Phil Dirt and the Heavy Machines.

As I am a ‘one trick pony’ or ‘ass’ I don’t know why I consider taking all the crap I have accumulated. It’s just part of the packing process. Add everything, pick up the bag, whinge, then start taking each item out, one by one, until I arrive at the set up I always take.

The Walker Activity Dome is an interesting venue, an unusual design which makes a change from most sports halls. The sort of place that lends itself to ‘that’ lens, the one I never use.  Perhaps I can sneak it in to the bag it won’t add that much extra weight, well, not as much as a banjo.


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