A new year

I’ve not been shooting much Derby recently, well, no bouts since the Men’s European Cup last year and so EuroClash will be my first of the year. Events have conspired against me. Illness, apathy and trying to fix the leak on the shower. Where does all the water come from? So I will be starting where I left off, the Walker Activity Dome just outside Newcastle.

Looking at the teams playing at EuroClash I realised that I have shot them all before, well not all, the one I haven’t is Leeds Roller Derby. I have photographed both Leeds Roller Dolls and Hot Wheel Roller Derby on many occasions but not in their current guise. And I ‘suppose likewise for all the other teams competing. Skaters come and go, retire, transfer, a constant ebb and flow. The teams remain constant, the constituent parts change. Much like the city of Sophronia in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, some parts will always change, move on, waiting to be replaced, whilst others are constant.

And so while the venue may be the same and the teams too, the skaters will make sure all the action is different, the highs and lows, the afterparty. A new challenge. The first of the year. 


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