Rule 56: Summit at the Ramps

There’s more to Derby than just skating. Rule 56 is bringing you a two day conference to support Roller Derby coaches and coach development. But enough if my wittering, it’s best said in their own words.

Rule 56 is hosting a full two day conference to support roller derby coaches and coach development, bringing the latest in roller derby coaching philosophy, tips, and support to our community.

Not only will there be presentations and discussions about the practicalities of coaching but this is also our opportunity to discuss the future of UK roller derby coaching, certifications, and how we build a better coaching community.

On the Saturday evening Rule 56, Roller Girl Gang, and The Works Skatepark are joining forces to bring together skates and ramps and derby all under one roof! 

Bring your skates and have a go on the ramps. Whether you're experienced, a novice, or somewhere in between, coaches will be on hand to help you develop skills or teach you something new, including lending you a BMX to try.

If you just fancy a night off wheels, just chill in the cafe space with us.  Have a nosh and a natter and a tipple. 

We're opening this event to local leagues, so this is a proper good opportunity to see those faces you've not caught up with in a while.

In addition to all the coaching brain food, we've also got our Summit at the Ramps (Saturday night) and Rocket Yoga (Sunday morning).

See their website for a full list of activities and speaker for the weekend:

Ignore me, I just take the photos …


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