10 years of LRG. 10 years of Roller Derby in the UK

London Rollergirls celebrated their 10th anniversary last weekend. 10 years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, touching hundreds, if not thousands of lives in one way or another. Not only was it a milestone for the league but also one for Roller Derby in the United Kingdom. Without the early pioneers, the sport would not be in the state that it is today. Last weekend, whilst the London Rollergirls partied at Limehouse Town hall, bouts were going on all over the country. A testament to the sport’s rise, growth and popularity.

It was also a time for me to reflect on my own journey. The places I have been, the people I have met through the community and the opportunities it has given me. A milestone is a good reference point for all to reflect on their own personal journeys. Their achievements and how the sport has changed their lives. It’s not always been a smooth journey, but anything worth achieving never is.

Ten years is a long time, I’ve been shooting Derby for seven. Will I be shooting Derby in 10 years time? Who knows? There is no end destination, just the journey. 


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