Shift Happens - Photographs from the Flat Track

It’s nearly been a year in the planning. I’ve had an idea for another book but it took a kick up the arse from my friend, Sinead, to put the plan in action.

This time, there’s more than just photographs, a narrative of how the game has changed over the past few years. With a foreword by Shaolynn Scarlett, the captain of England Roller Derby in their silver medal-winning 2014 Roller Derby World Cup campaign in Dallas, USA and the 2015 co-captain of London Rollergirls' travel team, London Brawling.

Sinead has woven a narrative around my images, how the sport has changed and the factors that have influenced it. Covering all three world cups, Toronto, Birmingham and Dallas and numerous bouts at sports centres up and down the country, from Aberdeen to Guildford and all places in between. I have been to some exotic locations!

I’d like to thank Sinead and Shaolynn for their contributions and Dawn for proofing and suggesting changes.  And also all the teams that have allowed me to tag along and document the sport, far too many to mention.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have taking the photos.

It is now available to order. As it is print on demand the prices are unfortunately far higher than I’d like. However, scour the web for Blurb voucher codes and you can usually get anywhere between 10-25% discount vouchers to use on your order. I don’t have a spare 15k to do a proper print job, unless of course anyone wants to lend me a few quid. Also forgive me for the odd typo, every time I look at it I see another.

Hardback - £38.99

You can have a look at it and order it here:
140 pages printed on 115gsm lustre paper.

Thanks, and I’ll see you around the track sometime.



  1. I'd love to buy and support you a bit. But with german tax and shipping it'll cost me around 70 Euros, that's 0.38£ per page. I could travel to London and see a game for that money. :(

    1. I'm making no money on it at all. Print on demand is expensive but the only way I can put images out there. I've spoken to printers but don't have £15,000 of my own cash to invest in it. I only order stuff when I can find some discount vouchers on the web, You can usually get between 20 to 40% off.

    2. Yeah I know. PoD is kind of handing over your firstborn AND paying for it. No critics on the price, man! Great work, great blog and I just wanted to supprt you a little but it does not work from here in Germany with the strong pound, shipping and taxes. Maybe I can get a colleague in UK to order it and someone fetches it while business travelling. :D


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