Pre-bout rituals

When I started shooting Derby, the night before a bout was filled with checking and cleaning the gear, packing, re-packing, with a bit more additional checking for good measure. These days, I’m lucky if I know where the camera bag is, and time is spent, if any, cleaning the bag of crumbs from the last pastry stuffed in it.

I should be more focussed for tomorrow, but as I sit here and type, I’ve realised that all I’ve done tonight is eat two punnets of cherries and am now feeling slightly sick.

As the Badge that Bob gave me at the World Cup says, I am an Afleet. Possibly the Grand Fleet at Jutland, overweight, bloated and in no condition to fight, but an Afleet none the less.

In the background the Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing, and I’m wondering where my pre-bout ritual went… and all the boutfits… Janet.


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