Terms and conditions and cricket

I like watching England play(?) football. It gives me time to do other things, like write this post. I do start out meaning to watch our national squad do it’s best, but it’s best usually doesn’t stack up to drinking wine and doing other things. Cricket, on the other hand is utterly compelling. Test matches I would err, is the best sport in the world. Five days of absolutely nothing happening and commentators talking about cake. I just cannot convey how compelling nothing happening can be. It’s the only sport where a draw can be exciting. Either I’m being just too English or the full frontal lobotomy is kicking in.

So with time on my hands I thought I’d set out my terms and conditions for using the images I shoot. I often get requests, so here goes.

Firstly, teams are usually supplied with a disc of hi-res (and if I remember, lo-res) images for them to use. This usually depends on if I get a contact address at a bout or they answer emails afterwards. Teams are free to use them in publications for editorial use (newspaper/magazines) without my permission, although its nice to know where they are going and a copy of the publication is appreciated. This includes websites (editorial).

Teams are also free to use them in their own marketing and promotional materials, print and digital (on their website etc..). I’m assuming they will have consent from the members featured, and I‘m assuming they will ask if in doubt. I’ll leave that up to teams to deal with internally. I do a lot of assuming. It will get me in to trouble one day.

Skaters etc.. that run commercial operations that want to use them need to contact myself as I have to get permission of those featured. If the person making the request can get it and forward it on that’s great and saves time. I’m assuming (again) no-one is making a fortune out of Derby, so until there is real money in the sport, easy come, easy go. If I find out any of you are becoming multi-millionaires, I may tap you up for a few free pints.

Organisations outside of the Derby community (any commercial use) will need to contact me as permission will need to be sought from those featured. The only companies I can think that do are large skate/equipment manufacturers. Usually these requests come from skaters direct for sponsorship deals, so isn’t a problem.

All I need to do is keep on the right side of the editorial/commercial argument to cover myself, so if in doubt do ask, but generally it’s not needed.

Finally, although I release images to be used I retain full copyright. So no selling them on if you find anyone willing to pay. And if you do, please let me know, I could do with finding out what those sort of people look like.


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