It’s my bloggerthon beggarthon

Here’s a story to make you weep. In fact scratch that, lets have one of those beggarthon emails.

I’ve been shooting Derby for 6 years and have been lucky to travel extensively and meet many great people, many becoming friends. But life as a Roller Derby photographer isn’t good one for the wallet. During the time I have shot Derby I have invested heavily in gear and travel. To date, rough estimates sees it at around  £20,000. A lot of the gear I still own, and is paying itself off,  but much has been spent on travel, hotel rooms, Ginsters pasties and bad coffee. Ahh the coffee!

To date I have made £235.61 in editorial fees. I’m a bad businessman. And I don’t mean evil. That puts it at a loss of around £19,760. Anyone want to hire me?

Anyway, with the second World Cup upon us, friends suggested I put a Go Fund Me campaign together to help cover the costs for myself and any extra gathered to help fund the team, England Roller Derby.

I know many people in the community have used my photos for their picture profiles, teams using photos in their materials, supplying images to the media to generate interest in the sport. And For my part I’ve never asked anything, apart from maybe the odd beer and cup of coffee.

I’m crap at asking for stuff. But as needs must (looming unemployment, uncertain future and relocation, I told you it was a sob story), and this is a good opportunity and  it seems a good time. So if you have used any of my images or just enjoyed looking at them, think them worthy and want to donate, it’d be much appreciated.


I hope to see a lot of you on track at some point.

Click here to donate.

And click here if you don’t know my work - Roller Derby on Film



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