Please adjust your set.

Long gone are the days when one member of the family had to stand on one leg, precariously holding the TV antenna aloft to get a decent picture. Likewise, the family sitting through several hours of  mundane, boring programming, because no-one was willing to get up to change the channel, because if they did, they’d lose their place on the sofa.

However needs must, and one must get with the 21st century. To be honest I’m still trying to fathom the 20th.  I’m not looking bad for a 76yr old. The bus pass comes in handy to get to bouts. And so, to bring all social media channels in line, the blog has been re-named ‘’. Advice taken from my advisor (If anyone needs to employ a highly recommended, media type person, I can supply names and details on request).

Most users will not notice the difference, however if you have book-marked the page, please adjust your link, ‘cos its changed. It took me ages to adjust all the outbound links on my websites (Well, five minutes. Exaggeration makes me feel as if I’m a hard worker.).

So because of all my hard work, none of you need to get up off the sofa and adjust your set, unless of course you need to pop out to make a cuppa.

More public information to follow. All I need to find  is my Indian get-up and dive unceremoniously in to the slurry pit. But that’s another story.


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