Escalating costs

Sitting around fiddling ones thumbs is bad for you. The internet goes on and the itchy finger goes looking for things that one doesn’t really need to have, but it’d be nice to own. I am rapidly running out of space in the house, so more rubbish isn’t going to help my situation, but every now and then there is something you just have to have.

I have no need for a Mk 111 Hythe Gun Camera. But I know I want one. I also don’t have the money to spend on one. The problem with purchasing one, if you can get your hands on one, are the escalating costs. There’s no real point in having a MK 111 Hythe unless you have the plane to go with it. Ideally you’d need something like an AVRO 504. I have no idea if any are left flying, or the starting costs. Then there’s the flying lessons and Biggles goggles.

I’m trying to convince myself it’s the way forward shooting Derby, I don’t mean literally, but I suppose 57 rounds of .303 may come in handy at a bout one day, but I’ve not had recourse to that sort of action yet. Not that the MK 111 Hythe could fire a .303. Your ammunition would be 14 frames of 120 roll film. Shooting at f8 may not be ideal, but you’d look good, plus landing in the car park of your local leisure centre in an AVRO 504 would look cool. And there’s those goggles, flying helmet, sheepskin jerkin and lingo, the reasons for buying a MK 111 Hythe are endless.

I’ve been toying of buying a 24-70mm lens. It’s a lens that’ll cover the focal lengths I’m missing when shooting Derby, but I think I’ve talked myself in to the MK 111 Hythe instead.

So if you’re hosting a bout and you hear buzzing sound, a screech coming from the car park, probably followed by a loud bang you’ll know that I’ve got my credit card out and bought something ridiculous. If so, come and give me a hand, this gear weighs a ton.


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