Celebrating in no style whatsoever

Having done something very silly and got a job, it was time to celebrate. I’m not one for celebrating, so celebrating involved a trip to the camera shop and cake house. I’ve had my eye on a Canon 200mm f2.8 for a while. While the 70-200mm f2.8 is the standard Canon workhorse I suspected for a while now that it was just too damn heavy for Derby work. It feels safe to have the 70-200mm zoom range, but as I’ve been shooting most of my stuff with a 135mm f2 for the past few years I thought it was time to branch out, however conservatively. The first run out was a success. The extra range came in useful and it was every bit as sharp as the 135mm, which surprised me somewhat. I am no longer a one trick pony. A one trick and bit pony. I’m gradually learning.

My second stop on the celebratory trip was to the Forge Bake House (Shameless plug to get free cake, but I know it’ll never happen). This stop was somewhat a more difficult affair. I settled on a pain au chocolat, fig frangipane tart and plum frangipane tart which were excellent as always but I could have eaten three times the amount. I’m just a fat knacker at heart.

So with the first month's wages soundly spent its back to the baked beans at 7p a can, 27p bread and as much Special Brew as one can tolerate.


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