Packing the beast, the final bout

I’ve never shot at York hall, but always had an urge to. It looks a bizarre venue to host Roller Derby. Opened in 1929 as a public bath it is now the home of British Boxing, apt for Saturday’s fun and games.

I’m revising plans. Packing as much gear as my back can take. I need to approach this one in a whole different manner to make the most of the venue. The old stalwarts are already in the bag but it’s time to break out the beast, the mortar, I’m going to need as much light as I can gather and f2 I feel , will just not cut the mustard.

It will be a good finale to the year which has seen me travel the length and breadth of the UK, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Huddersfield, London, various places in between and also head overseas to Berlin to cover the Track Queens, Battle Royal a European Tournament hosted by the Berlin Bombshells.

Shooting teams that include the Sheffield Steel Roller Girls, Leeds Roller Dolls, Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls, Stuttgart Valley Roller Girlz, London Rockin’ Rollers, Glasgow Roller Derby, Dublin Rollergirls, Stockholm Roller Derby, Central City Rollergirls, London Roller Girls, Berlin Bombshells, Go Go Gent Rollergirls, Helsinki Roller Derby, Crime City Rollers, Manchester Roller Derby, Hot Wheel Roller Derby, Middlesbrough Milk Rollers, Dolly Rockit Rollers, Hellfire Harlots, Newcastle Roller Girls, Big Bucks High Rollers, The InHuman League, Tyne and Fear, Nottingham Roller Girls, New Wheeled Order, New York Shock Exchange, Team USA and Team England.

So with the bags packed I’m ready to go. Christmas will afford me just enough time to get a few more projects off the ground before starting again and catching up with people once more in 2013.

London Rockin’ Rollers intraleague final seems a good closer to the year. Some fast paced action, an ornate venue and maybe a few drinks afterwards. Well worth the trip back down to London and to finish off 2012. 


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