The iPhone 5 or the Derby Network?

Technology in some respects leaves me cold. Unless it’s a new camera, but to be honest most of my interest is in the lens. Lenses have changed very little over the years, stemming from 6 basic designs dating back to the 19th century.

I’m not a complete Luddite, but I find please in simple form and function.  A metalworker by trade, but now unfortunately a web designer, I find more beauty in a the shape and form of a hammer than I can in a page of html.

Recently, it was to my delight when the Derby network was a more reliable form of communication than the mobile phone.

I had travelled down to London to shoot the Team England/USA bout and to maximise the trip I had decided to catch up with a few people whilst I was down there. I had emailed my friend Freyja, but by the time I left the house I had no reply. I had assumed that I would just shoot the bout and return home the following day.

At the end of the bout I was doing my final farewells and catching the last few shots when I got a tap on the shoulder. It was Jamie (aka Mr X) from Rollin’ News. I had planned to catch up with him. I knew he was going but had not seen him in the crowd. I had got caught up during the intervals talking to people I had not seen for a while, Germaine Leer, Violet Attack and Sui-Cider to name but a few.

Jamie had a message for me. Freyja has forgotten my number and in a final attempt to contact me tweeted Jamie. Jamie courteously passed on the message.

Who needs the latest technology when you have network that works just as well.

So as I know the network works here’s a plug for my exhibition, This is Roller Derby, photographs from the flat track. More information about dates and venue can be found here:

And I did catch up with Freyja. We sat out side a restaurant on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, with good food and fine wine. Is there a better way to spend an afternoon?

If only I was rich, I could do that every day.


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