I disagree with everything

No, no, no, we're having none of that here...

I’ve not blogged in a long time (oooh two posts in one day, you must be bored). Life has been exhausting, if it’s not work, it’s Brexit, if not that, comments and posts on social media. There’s no escape. Has the world gone mad or has it always been this way, hiding beneath a veil of decency and normalcy?

Escapism via a decent bottle of single malt has gotten more and more expensive as my palette has become more and more selective. I think it’s trying to bankrupt me.

Roller Derby has been on a back burner recently. Having invested in a new little, teeny weeny Fuji XT2 the thought of lugging around my Derby gear fills me with dread. Even looking at it sends shivers down my spine. It’ my spine that’s doing most of the complaining.

But as the bad weather kicks in, it’s time to dust off the gear, stop complaining and get out there in the rain and sleet.

Sheffield (okay I need to walk down the road), Belfast, Hull and Liverpool, keeping it exotic as always. Roller Derby really does take you places.


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