Waiting…waiting for the game


What is there to do on a dreary, wet, Sunday morning? I have 2 and half hours before I need to leave for Leeds, and everything is flat, grey, uninspiring.

It’s always been the same. I never work last minute, everything was packed the night before and so these few hours are ‘dead’ time. Apart from the radio, the house is quiet and still, stopped in time.

I’m not one for the television and while I started a new book yesterday, I’m trying to pace myself.

Last year I considered moving-house just for extra bookcase space but after re-jigging the living room I finally managed to squeeze another in, which is filling fast, hence the pacing.

I’m already three coffee’s in and while I don’t feel affected by caffeine, I can do late-night coffee and sleep soundly, a cold sports hall however will see me running to the toilet every half, or more. I have some projects in the pipeline, re-coding my websites, a new book, but I need right time to get the creative juices flowing and now isn’t it.

The garden needs doing and the out-house re-pointing, work-tops oiling, jobs that require more time, and as I have said, it’s raining, so it’s just not going to happen.

So… what to do? Well it looks like a fourth coffee with enough time to dig out the nappy before I leave.


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