Print print print… part 2

Letterboxes - 30cm x 40cm framed print £120

I’ve disengaged with social media somewhat over the past few months. Working full-time, studying, and growing despair on what I read on platforms have all had its toll on my engagement. Dare I say it, but social media may have had its day. The real world, with all its complexities is far more interesting.

Burngreave - 40cm x 30cm framed print £120

Don’t get me wrong, digital technology has its benefits. No longer do I have to hide under the stairs in a blacked-out room inhaling chemicals, spending hours to get a single decent print. Digital photography can increase one’s productivity a hundred-fold and no longer do I risk reaching for my coffee only to end up with a  mouth of developer. The benefits however also come with risks. It’s tempting to just process one’s photos, store them on a hard drive and occasionally share them on social media platforms where the programmer’s algorithms, and the end-users screen will deliver only an approximate of how I envisioned an image.

Cheesegrater - 40cm x 30cm framed print £120

And so, this year, I’ve decided to print, print, print. Less online, more in galleries. So if this blog goes quiet for a long period time I’ve either got bored with it or have ventured back in to the darkroom and am happily swigging developer with a  fixative chaser.

Ilkley - 40cm x 30cm framed print £120

Saltaire - 40cm x 30cm framed print £120

Roadside - 40cm x 30cm framed print £120


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