It’s warming up nicely

Sweden, Canada, Finland and England at Northern Hemisfear

I was hoping for some decent weather, having a few days off meant I could get the garden done, maybe have a wander in the Peaks. I attempted to take a walk in the Peaks last week, I eyed up the weather, it looked reasonably fine and I thought I’d chance it without a coat. An hour later I was being brave, running from tree to tree trying to avoid the rain. In a short time I was soaked and begrudgingly headed back home. It was a wise move. Shortly after I arrived back home it hammered it down. The garden is still in its horrific state. I will just have to keep apologising to the neighbours.

While the weather is doing the usual British summer thing, cold and wet, it’s good to see that things are warming up nicely for the World Cup. I’ve shot all four teams competing in Northern Hemisfear at the previous World Cups and it’s been good to see the progress made over the past few years, the standard constantly improving and the teams getting closer in terms of gameplay making for closer and more exciting bouts.

With only around 5 months before the third World Cup it looks like the competition will be great. Unfortunately, as it is being held in Manchester, the weather will be much like a British summer, cold and wet, bring a hat. I will be brave and run from building to building to avoid the rain or I may splash out and buy a brolly.

The four teams at the 2011 World Cup

The four teams at the 2014 World Cup

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