Drawing with light.

Charcoal drawings - various sizes, A1 and larger

“Photo”, light, “Graphia”, drawing, photography. It’s a quick draw at 14 frames per second, quicker than the animators at Disney can draw, I’ve been told. Well, that’s at a Derby bout. Sometimes I like to slow things down and draw with something far darker, something better to suit my soul. Black, or at least dark grey, the graphite staining the paper.

You really need to be able to draw fast to capture an apex jump, or have a camera.

While not sat round the flat track I can often be found in the studio drawing. Usually from life, transferring the real in to a two dimensional representation. While I publish my Derby photos on the web for all to see I do far less with the drawings. They really need to be seen in real life, and putting on exhibitions is expensive. So when asked to submit some work and a collection offered, well it was a no brainer. So if you are in Sheffield on these dates 29th, 30th April, 1st, 6th and 7th of May and want to pop along to the Gage gallery at KIAC (Kelham Island Arts Collective - http://www.kiac-sheffield.org/) you can have a look at my non-Derby hobby.

One day I will bring my pencils along to a bout.


Pencil drawings, A1 or larger. I do get through a lot of pencils.


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