A new challenge

A new year, new season, and so far I’ve not shot a single bout. It’s doing a wonder for my storage issues. Well that’s not entirely true. Other events have caught my attention and the number of frames shot hasn’t really gone down. Not when you’re presented with an even faster moving target, more random movement and equally bad light. Shooting the Moxi skate team proved to be a new challenge. I’d only shot at a skate park once before so I was still on a learning curve, but when Len (Rollergirl Gang) asked me to pop along to shoot the Moxi team on their recent trip to the UK I couldn’t pass it up.

The Moxi skate team with fans at Hull's Rock City

When skaters retire from Derby they seem to migrate to ramps. A whole different experience, skill and mind set to Derby. Standing next to the ramps one appreciates the height of them and the skill and confidence needed to skate on them.

Skating the bowl

I am a self-confessed no-exercise, wuss. I photograph, I document. I don’t ‘do’. Therefore, anyone who even stares down a ramp and attempts to take it on, I have admiration for. To perform the tricks the Moxi skate team pull off, well, it’s amazing to watch.

I wouldn't even attempt this!

Anyway, shooting ramps is still a challenge for me, I’m on a learning curve, but if you get chance check out the Moxi skate team, I’m sure you’ll be amazed.


Derby can be found at: www.roller-derby-on-film.co.uk


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