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The latest article in Five on Five

I’m not a gambling man, not because I don’t like risks, but because I usually always back the wrong horse. When I say horse, it’s not usually a horse, but a badly disguised badger with a slight limp disguised as a horse, with good odds and a fancy name.

Fortune telling isn’t a strong point either. I didn’t foresee Rainy City hosting the World Cup in Manchester in 2018, nor Leeds Roller Dolls and Hot Wheel Roller Derby joining forces to become Leeds Roller Derby.

The latest article by Sinead in Five on Five may focus on Leeds Roller Dolls but is applicable to many teams that want to play in the States and get to the play-offs.

I ‘suppose it’s always the danger of print, a time lag during which time events can change. However for me the web is kind of, ‘meh’ it’s okay, but not the same as seeing ones images on the printed page.

So why not get yourself a copy, turn the phone off, kick back with a cuppa and enjoy a quiet read.


Also, for all ex-members of Leeds Roller Dolls and Sheffield Steel Rollergirls a bit of nostalgia, Summer Horror Day hosted at Saville’s Hall, now renamed New Dock Hall for obvious reasons.



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