Heading North

Packing for the Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas back in 2014 was relatively simple, airline constraints limiting the amount of gear one could pack. The Men’s European Cup is a different matter, just a short trip up to Newcastle. Arguably I could pack everything, my back however may have a different idea. One thing I will take is a decent coat. Winter in Dallas wasn’t as severe as I imagined, certainly not warranting the cold weather clothing I packed. Newcastle is whole different prospect.

Having limited choice can focus the mind on the task in hand with the constraints you’ve been given. Free choice gives you more options to be creative and keep warm, but the potential to side-track you, looking for that one shot you can see in your minds-eye but can never achieve, well certainly not at a live event. I think I’ve come up with a compromise and still with the possibility of being able to pack some spare clothes and a toothbrush.

Southern Discomfort Roller Derby versus Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder, who I believe will both be competing at the Men’s European Cup.

Multi-day events, running from 9 in the morning to 9 at night require a lot more gear than a simple single or double header. Laptop, chargers, spare batteries, and card readers are all needed to back-up the photos from the day and to get the gear ready for the following one. One also tends to pack a couple of extra lenses, just in case, plus the spare body I always carry. The advance in technology is one area which has improved the experience of covering longer events.  The upgrade from USB 2 to USB 3 has been a godsend. No longer do I need to stay awake until the early hours to transfer all the files over from the memory cards to the laptop, now it can be achieved over dinner and a pint, leaving me more time to ponder why I didn’t pack a toothbrush or any spare clothes.



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