11,858 miles, as the crow flies.

Leeds, Oldham, Telford, Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Guildford, London and Dallas.
January 2014. A quick trip to Tattoo Freeze. The first Derby of the year.
December 2014. Tattoo Freeze booked in. This time I’ve arranged a hotel far closer to the venue. And I’m still not tempeted by a tattoo. Well, maybe a Robert Ryman one day. I think I’m getting more organised.
I’ve come full circle via 11,858 miles, as the crow flies. 24 events, including two World Cups. God knows how many frames. I’m so glad I no longer shoot film.

The cameras have been packed away for the past few weeks but it’s time to dust them off, delete the files and get them ready for the new year and whatever it brings.
I’d planned to cut down on the number of events I covered but things never turn out the way one expects, so I’m planning on expect the unexpected, taking things as they come and happy to scrounge as many free drinks as possible along the way.
Well, here’s to 2015 and whatever my cameras capture.



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